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Get Golfing is a charity that was established to encourage the playing of golf and the obvious physical and mental benefits that come from the game.

In addition to promoting participation, we want our clubs and venues to be welcoming inclusive environments where new to the game as well as non-golfers feel as comfortable and welcome as those that are already part of the fraternity.  This is why we work closely with each club’s designated charity to support them, and also offer our facilities to other well deserving groups within each club’s community on either a heavily discounted, or for free, basis.

The journey from when Get Golfing take over a new club to its re-establishment within the Get Golfing ethos is often a challenging one. While we have improved our communications, the ease of the transition requires individual members within each club to embrace Get Golfing’s culture and voluntarily support us with the cultural change in the respective club. We recognise that we are new type of enterprise, and many find it initially difficult to comprehend our modus operandi.

Ansty Golf Centre

We have created a group of individuals from within each club’s membership who we recognise have assisted with our journey as a way of saying thank you and hopefully encouraging more collaboration. We have decided to call the group “The Ambassadors Club” and it will be made up of individuals who accept an invite from us to join. There is no prerequisite to being chosen and it is entirely at the discretion of Get Golfing’s site and group management.

Ansty Golf Centre

The likely characteristic of an invitee includes:

  1. They have a natural ability to engage with all types of people and have a social disposition.
  2. They like meeting and welcoming new people.
  3. They maintain a generally positive demeanour.
  4. They have a sense of compassion and share Get Golfing’s inclusive approach to our Clubs.
  5. They have a natural disposition to want to positively contribute to their Club and the greater aspirations of Get Golfing.
Ansty Golf Centre

Membership of The Ambassadors Club comes without obligation. It is hoped that Ambassadors will contribute to the well being of the club and Get Golfing in some of the following ways:

  1. Assist as a conduit between Get Golfing and your specific Clubs’ management and their membership.
  2. Assist with coordinating member and charitable events at your respective club.
  3. Assist with stimulating community spirit.
  4. Support and assist the Captains who are in situ with their responsibilities and aspirations.
  5. Contribute toward The Ambassadors Forum.
  6. Play a contributing factor in future invitations to the Ambassadors Club